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For many, old postcards offer a glimpse into the past, the ability to learn about a time and place that might otherwise be out of reach. For others, vintage postcards provide a way to stay connected with those near and far away. But they're much more than just old postcards, they share just a piece of history from a certain point in time.

At Mary L. Martin Vintage Postcards, we appreciate vintage postcards for their beauty and historical significance. We are committed to preserving vintage postcards for generations to come by providing quality vintage postcard products and services. From vintage national park postcards to Christmas postcards and vintage views of cities, Mary L. Martin Vintage Postcards has a postcard for everyone.

Learn more about our collection, and the amazing woman behind our collection, and see the selection of vintage postcards available right here on our site or visit us at one of our events!

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About Our Founder,

Mary L. Martin

Mary L. Martin, founder of Mary L. Martine Vintage Postcards, grew up surrounded by the world of vintage postcards. Her parents were prominent postcard collectors, instilling that passion in Mary.

Throughout her career, Mary (and her vintage postcards) have become notorious and collectors have travelled from all over to peruse and purchase from her collection at an auction, expo, or in her brick-and-mortar store. Through Mary L. Martin Vintage Postcards, Mary has been able to continue that family tradition and share vintage postcards with new generations of vintage postcard collectors around the world.

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America's Largest

Postcard Shop

Mary L. Martin Vintage Postcards has grown to become the largest vintage postcard store in America. Our collection features thousands of vintage postcards from all over the world, with new cards added to our inventory daily.


Since 1966

Mary L Martin Vintage Postcard

Mary L. Martin Vintage Postcards has been dedicated to providing vintage postcard enthusiasts with a unique selection of old postcards and vintage views of cities, national parks postcards, and more since 1966. We are proud to be the only vintage postcard store in America that offers such a wide variety of vintage cards for collectors around the world!

About Our

Vintage Postcard Collection

Mary L. Martin Vintage Postcards has been a leader in vintage postcard collecting, and we continue to offer the highest quality vintage postcards at competitive prices. With our expertise, passion, and dedication to vintage postcard collecting you are sure to find the perfect vintage postcard for your collection!

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At Mary L. Martin Vintage Postcards, we invite you to explore the vintage postcard world with us and discover a unique piece of history for your own collection! With our vintage national park postcards and other vintage postcards from all around the globe, we have something special for everyone.

Whether you're a vintage postcard collector or just looking for a unique, old postcard, make sure you choose Mary L. Martin Vintage Postcards for all of your vintage cards needs. From our online shop to upcoming auctions and events, our team of experts is here to help you find the perfect postcard for your collection. Shop now and see what memories await!