Four Reasons to Use Mary L. Martin Vintage Postcards

When it comes to vintage postcards, no name rings a bell better than Mary L. Martin Vintage Postcards. With a rich history dating back to 1966, our company has immersed itself in the world of postcards, creating a remarkable presence that extends beyond regular sales — to guidebooks,, and even Tiffany’s! In this blog post, we discuss four reasons to rely on our team for high-quality, unique postcards you won’t find anywhere else. Learn more and shop vintage postcards today!


Collection of vintage postcards.

A Plethora of Choices

Mary L. Martin boasts thousands of square feet dedicated exclusively to postcards. As one of the largest dealers in postcards globally, exploration here is akin to treasure hunting. Whether you’re a newbie collector or an experienced enthusiast, the store’s expansive collection will not disappoint.


Collection of vintage postcards.

Trusted and Respected

Earning respect in an industry is no easy job. Having been around since 1966, Mary L. Martin has succeeded in building a reliable brand that not only survives but thrives through industry shifts. We take pride in helping each of our customers find unique vintage postcards to add to their collection.


Collection of vintage postcards

Pioneering Efforts

Mary L. Martin isn’t just a participant in the industry; we shape the industry. Our company initiated one of the first mail-in auctions in the country, clearly showcasing our pioneering spirit and commitment to making vintage postcards accessible to all.


Collection of vintage postcards.

Published Expertise

Mary L. Martin Vintage Postcards doesn’t just sell postcards — we breathe life into them. Engaging in multiple collaborations and publications, including over 40 guidebooks about postcards with introductions by industry leaders like SK Lauder, speaks to our unmatched expertise in the field.

As we move into the digital age, many vintage businesses risk fading away. However, companies like Mary L. Martin Vintage Postcards, rooted in authentic industry experience and visionary leadership, are set to keep the allure of vintage postcards alive. Despite facing digitally equipped competitors, Mary L. Martin is the choice for those who value legacy, quality, and genuine expertise. Shop vintage postcards from our team today!

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