4 Different Ways To Display Your Postcards

Collecting vintage postcards is only half the fun; the other half is finding unique and beautiful ways to display them. At Mary L. Martin Vintage Postcards, any of our extensive collection of vintage postcards would look great even if you just stuck them on your fridge. Fortunately, we’ve come up with four unique ways to display your vintage postcards.

Framed postcard

Framed Postcards

Framing your vintage postcards is a classic way to display them. This method is perfect for highlighting individual postcards or a small collection. You can choose frames that complement the postcard design or go with a simple, classic style. Either way, framing your vintage postcards can help protect them from damage while also creating an eye-catching display.

Shadow box

Shadow Box Display

If you have a larger collection of vintage postcards, a shadow box display may be the way to go. A shadow box is a deep frame that allows you to create a three-dimensional display. You can arrange your vintage postcards in a creative way, such as by theme or geographic location, to showcase their unique designs and historical significance.

Hanging display on clothespins and string


Hanging Display

If you want to create a more dynamic display, consider hanging your vintage postcards. You can use clips, string, or even clothespins to create a unique arrangement. Hanging your postcards can also make it easier to switch them out and create a new display over time.


Scrapbook Display

A scrapbook display is another great way to showcase your vintage postcards. You can create a personalized album that includes information about each postcard, such as where it was sent and when. This method not only highlights the postcard design but also adds a personal touch to the display.

There are many ways to display vintage postcards, from classic framed displays to more creative shadow boxes and hanging displays. Whichever method you choose, make sure to showcase your vintage postcards in a way that highlights their unique designs and historical value. And if you find yourself in need of even more beautiful vintage postcards to display, check out the store at Mary L. Martin Vintage Postcards or join a live online auction!

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