Postcards sprawled on a table.

Four Reasons to Use Mary L. Martin Vintage Postcards

When it comes to vintage postcards, no name rings a bell better than Mary L. Martin Vintage Postcards. With a rich history dating back to 1966, our company has immersed…

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Four Factors to Consider When Beginning to Collect Postcards

Are you a budding postcard enthusiast ready to embark on a delightful journey into the world of vintage postcards? Look no further than Mary L. Martin Vintage Postcards. As you…

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Four Reasons Why Mary L. Martin Vintage Postcards Stands Out

Are you a postcard enthusiast looking for unique vintage postcards to add to your collection? Look no further than Mary L. Martin Vintage Postcards! With a passion for antique postcards,…

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Why Postcard Collecting Appeals to More People Than You Would Think

In today’s digital age, where communication happens at the speed of light and images are shared with a simple swipe, one might assume that traditional hobbies like postcard collecting would…

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vintage postcards with roses

What You Can Learn From a Vintage Postcard

A vintage postcard is much more than a piece of paper with a picturesque image and a few lines of text. It is a tangible time capsule, an echo of…

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How to Choose the Right Vintage Postcard

In today’s fast-paced digital world, vintage postcards offer a delightful glimpse into the past, capturing the essence of historical moments and distant places. However, with countless options available, selecting the…

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Dave’s Favorite Postcards

Postcard collector and researcher Q. David (Dave) Bowers has enjoyed deltiology for a long time—especially cards that have a link with interesting or, better yet, obscure history. With Mary L.…

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Pollution on Postcards

       The subject of pollution on post cards leaves me feeling guilty. Whenever I see the image of that black, oily hand (figure 1) rising up out of the sea, my…

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Modern Postcards

The Christmas theme is commonplace in the age of antique postcards, but rather elusive by comparison in the world of moderns. It exists, thought, and may actually be more common…

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One of the pleasures of writing a column about linen postcards in Postcard World magazine is that linen cards are finally able to be shown in high-quality, glorious color. Looking…

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racks of postcards

What is the Appeal of Postcards?

At Mary L. Martin Vintage Postcards, we often get asked, “What’s so special about collecting postcards?” The answers might surprise you! Delving beyond the usual aspects of history and art,…

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Four Reasons to Start Collecting Postcards

Here at Mary L. Martin Vintage Postcards, we’re passionate about vintage postcards, the tiny but significant pieces of our shared history. More than just old pieces of paper, each vintage…

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